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    Emergency Notification

    SmartRespond enables you to immediately alert, inform and mobilise people and resources during incidents and emergencies


    SmartRespond is an intelligent notification system that allows you to send the same message instantly and simultaneously to many different people, who give immediate feedback about their availability for duty.

    If someone is not available, SmartRespond will automatically select and activate the next available person on-call.

    You choose how to send the information, through phone, SMS, paging, e-mail or the SmartRespond-app. You can even choose to send your message to all communication channels simultaneously.

    With SmartRespond it is easy to send out mass-notifications, mobilise the right people, follow the events in real-time and activate the appropriate response scenarios. Moreover, an incident report is automatically generated to provide an audit trail of all personnel involved.

    Through activating the necessary people in a very short period of time, you achieve essential time gains during the most critical phase of incident response.


    SmartRespond is perfect for organisations that need to alert, inform and activate resources on a large-scale in a straightforward and easy to use manner. Ideally SmartRespond is suitable for police and security forces, public transport, hospitals, industrial and commercial companies and government institutions.

    But SmartRespond is also suitable for smaller organisations with a limit budget, such as volunteer associations. SmartRespond is the proprietary software solution developed by Respond, which can easily be customised to your specific needs and requirements.

    About Us

    Cirrus TechVue has been in business since the early nineteen eighties. We are an SME with an exemplary track record in introducing new technology to South Africa and implementing enterprise scale solutions in some of South Africa’s largest organisations and regulator bodies, such as Telkom, ABSA and SASOL, Old Mutual Insure, Pension Funds Adjudicator, to name a few.