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    We are compelled to comply with all sorts of legislation. As an individual we should obey speed limits and pay income tax. In business, we have a raft of rules to comply with; company law, audits, etc.

    Breaking laws have consequences and the attitudes we take to them vary; I speed hoping that I not be caught, or I don’t speed because it is the law and it is safer.

    The recent “TCF Complaints Management Discussion Document” highlights short-falls in how companies are required to log, track, resolve and analyse all customer complaints in a consistent manner. This not only applies to directly supplied products but to those which are sold via Brokers or Binder Holders, and many Insurance companies are not aware that they are responsible for managing complaints made against these 3rd parties.

    Cirrus TechVue responds to FANews article: How will the FSCA monitor your business?

    The FSB’s initial emphasis is clearly to try and show organisations that, while they have to comply, it is good for business to do so. The FSCA’s on-site inspections will undoubtedly be aimed at companies evidencing that they are complying not only with the letter of the law, but importantly with the spirit (a change in company culture). It is also clear that they will target how companies are managing complaints. Ultimately they want organisations to show that they are doing high quality Root Cause Analysis and implementing changes suggested by that analysis.

    Why CRM falls short when it comes to an organisation's complaints and feedback management requirements

    Many organisations rely on CRM software as the tool for solving customer problems. “What these organisations do not realise, is that a dedicated customer feedback management solution is far preferable to a general CRM customer support module because CRM systems aren’t geared towards complaint and feedback management processes,” says Colyn Dee, director at Cirrus TechVue, a company that specialises in enterprise feedback and complaints management.

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    Cirrus TechVue has been in business since the early nineteen eighties. We are an SME with an exemplary track record in introducing new technology to South Africa and implementing enterprise scale solutions in some of South Africa’s largest organisations and regulator bodies, such as Telkom, ABSA and SASOL, Old Mutual Insure, Pension Funds Adjudicator, to name a few.