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Secure Payments

Secure Payments

About us

Cirrus TechVue has been in business since the early nineteen eighties. We are an SME with an exemplary track record in introducing new technology to South Africa and implementing enterprise scale solutions in some of South Africa’s largest organisations and regulator bodies, such as Telkom, ABSA and SASOL, Mutual & Federal, Pension Funds Adjudicator, to name a few.
Cirrus TechVue has achieved a Level 4 BEE status

Main business activities

Enterprise Feedback Management - Aptean Respond
The benefits of effective complaints and feedback management are:
• Improve Net Promoter Score
• Use complaints to build brand loyalty
• Reduce customer churn
• Improved efficiency
• Improve customer service
• Regulatory compliance
• Root cause analysis

Secure Payment Solutions: Software and hardware components to increase the security of cheque and EFT payments. Cirrus TechVue was the first to develop and deploy their unique secure printing technology some 15 years ago.

SMARTRespond – Intelligent Notification: An automated notification system that provides rapid, closed-loop communication to manage emergency call-outs, evacuation drills, and mass notifications of all kinds

Contact Details

Post : PO Box 652971 Benmore, South Africa 2010
Telephone: 011 783 1009 / 1016
Facsimile : 086 683 0462
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